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SpineLegal Benefits

Trusted by law firms Globally


Unlock Effortless Legal Automation: No installation required, start streamlining your firm Today!

Customise It

Designed with the flexibility to tailor to your specific requirements.

Personal Support

We recognize that legal experts require technical support, we are there for you.

User Friendly

We made it simple and easy to use so you can jump right in and start using it

Legal Practice Automation

Get more than a software with SpineLegal. Get a partner in your practice. Our platform isn’t just customisable; it grows with you and your confidential data stays locked in your secure vault. Efficient case management, accurate billing, and more time for clients, that’s the SpineLegal promise.

SpineLegal Features

SpineLegal offers an all-in-one legal software solution featuring intuitive case management, customisable workflows, 24/7 individualised support, and ironclad security measures designed to streamline your practice and safeguard sensitive data.

Practice Management

Manage your practice with dashboards to visually see all the key activities and functions, from case progress to real-time alerts.

Integrations is SpineLegal

Practical and easy-to-use fully integrated legal software with several 3rd party integrations.

Matter Management

Matter/Case management has all the functionalities to run cases/matters efficiently through a fully integrated system.

Features in SpineLegal

All the features to run an efficient legal firm, from communication to workflow tools.

What Our Clients Saying

“We are fully satisfied with SpineLegal legal software and it has increased our productivity. It is a complete product which is significantly helping me to manage the business.

Bestin Joseph

Bestin Joseph

JT Solicitors

“SpineLegal Process and Legal Software is helping me run my firm efficiently. Very easy to use, refreshing product and was easy to migrate”



Idiculla Solicitors

I am delighted with SpineLegal software, it is more than I expected with superb quality and attention to detail on the software and on the administration modules to set up the management of my legal firm.



EU Law Firm

SpineLegal legal software has provided us with a very easy to use product with exceptional personal experience. They have a very friendly staff and they tailored new features for my needs and helped me setup a very efficient legal practice.

Dominic Karth

Dominic Karth

Dominic & CO Solicitors
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